PrOverwatch: OWL S2 Stage 3 Week 1- A Look Back

Stage 3 of the Overwatch League kicked off in an exciting fashion a few days ago, and although the meta is exactly the same as it was in Stage 2, there were some unexpected outcomes to a few matches that took place in Week 1. In this post, I will go over some of the most inaccurate, and the most accurate predictions I made before the week kicked off.

Just to summarise, I wasn’t very accurate with my analyses of the teams, since some roster changes, lineup alterations, map pool switch-ups, and the players’ mid-stage practice have shaken up my power tiers and perceptions of these squads a fair bit. It’s a little unlucky I would say, and I’m hoping to be more accurate about Week 2’s matches. Anyway, let’s get into a little more detail, so here’s a Spoiler Alert for those who haven’t watched Week 1’s matches, and want to catch up with them.

SBB signalling how many matches he won this week
  1. Guangzhou Charge vs. Chengdu Hunters- I had predicted that the Hunters would beat the Charge 3–2. That prediction was nullified by the Charge’s adaptation to the Hunters’ playstyle, and the pretty crucial introduction of DPS player Nero into the lineup. The Charge won the match 3–1, and although Chengdu didn’t look weak, it was surprising to see Guangzhou beat them at their own style, breaking out DPS comps more often than we’re used to seeing from them. Still, I did mention that the match could go either way, so I don’t think this is a big misjudgement on my part.
  2. Paris Eternal vs. Toronto Defiant- Paris haven’t looked like a strong team for several weeks, but with improved Goats play, and the re-addition of BenBest to the lineup, the Eternal managed to take down the Defiant, whose altered tank line didn’t seem like an upgrade at all. Just play Envy on every map, guys. Come on. This will definitely alter my power tiers a fair bit, since I was expecting Toronto to beat Paris, which did not happen.
  3. Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Dallas Fuel- This was a huge misjudgement on my part. I thought that the Fuel looked slightly better than the Gladiators in Stage 2, which is why I predicted that they would win 3–2. However, with the re-integration of Surefour into their lineup, the Gladiators stomped Dallas with their superior Goats play, as well as an amazing Bunker Comp strategy.
  4. Hangzhou Spark vs. Philadelphia Fusion- My prediction that Fusion would 3–2 the Spark was completely turned on its head. Neither did Fusion win, nor was it a close match. Hangzhou completely stomped Philly, and it rarely even looked competitive. It is no secret that the Spark have been on the rise, playing better and better each week, and I think they’ve reached a very high level of play right now. Beating Fusion is a big deal, since they’re a really strong team, even though it’s always possible that Philly is still rusty from the break. I’m not going to count them out just yet, but yeah, this was a bad judgement on my part.
  5. Paris Eternal vs. Boston Uprising- When the Paris Eternal defeated the Toronto Defiant, I was certainly surprised, but that was nothing compared to how I felt upon seeing that they defeated Boston. The Uprising are a really strong team, and to see a squad as weak as Paris’ beat them is definitely unexpected. The new DPS line of Nicogdh and Danye is really doing the Eternal good, and they’ve shaken up my power tiers even further with this win. I don’t blame myself for predicting that Boston would win 4–0, because honestly, I don’t think anyone expected them to lose this one.

Now, with my failures out of the way, let’s discuss which predictions of mine hit the nail on the head.

  1. Florida Mayhem vs. Seoul Dynasty- There was no doubt in my mind that Seoul would 4–0 Florida.
  2. Seoul Dynasty vs. Guangzhou Charge- I may have made many mistakes so far, but considering Seoul to be one of the best teams in the League doesn’t seem to be one of them. They went 4–0 against the Charge, and that really keeps my confidence high when it comes to this team. Their new flex support, Highly, is actually really good, and his presence rarely makes us feel the absence of Ryujehong, which is commendable.
  3. Washington Justice vs. Dallas Fuel- Even though Dallas won this match with a 3–0 score, and I had predicted a 4–0 for them, I consider this a perfect prediction. Draws are fairly uncommon occurrences in the Overwatch League, so I don’t consider them to be a big deal when it comes to my expected scores. What’s important is that the team I thought would win, did win, and the losing team didn’t get a single map off, which was again, reflected in my prediction.

I know that it’s not a good sign if you misjudge more matches than you predict perfectly, but hey, I did guess 11/16 winners correct, and considering that some of the matches were as close as they were, it’s not a bad record. Still, I do hope that I can be more accurate next week, which I believe I can, since Week 1 helped me get a read on how each team is performing this stage. So yeah, wish me luck.

I do hope you enjoyed reading this article (and maybe calling me an idiot if you were more accurate with your predictions), but stay tuned for more Overwatch League-related content; especially my predictions’ post for Week 2. Thanks, and I hope you’ll return to PrOverwatch.

My Predictions for Stage 3 Week 1:

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