The Left’s Sick Use of Mass Shooting Victims

Hi, I’m Felix Pantaleon. One of my hobbies is being a dedicated political activist. I call it a hobby, Why? Because I’m interested in many things. You can call me a self made man, with numerous platforms that I’ve built from the ground up. Some people might say I’m a conservative/libertarian, but I call myself a common sense kind of guy. A lot of people know me from my News Site, which mainly broadcast from youtube. I’ve been into politics since I was 17 years of age. It started back in 2002, when I saw preparation taking place for The Iraq war. This made me question many things. I soon dived into work, from Alternative outlets like Alex Jones Infowars. Since I started to grow mistrusting of Mainstream Media. Now say whatever you want about Alex Jones, but. I really wouldn’t be a political activist today, if it weren’t for people like him. I’ve always been interested in the unknown and figuring out the inner workings of things. Let’s just say, I like what’s different. And certainly Alex Jones was really unknown back then and his work caught my interest. In 2004 I had the opportunity to vote for The first time. I cast my Vote for John Kerry and in 2008 Barrack Obama. I despised George W. Bush, everything and everyone who had to do with him. I soon woke up fully to The Left, Right agenda. As Obama started to show he was no different, so I sat out of voting in 2012. 2012 was the last year, I would stand on the sidelines. The last year I would stop being a spectator and take things into my own hands. So in 2012, Caliberhitting was created. Unfortunately, months after something else took place in 2012. Sandy Hook, like the whole nation and world. I was sadden to hear at what had taken place. Unlike most truthers, I never became a “Sandy Hook Truther.” And was literally in the 1% of “Truthers” who didn’t believe it was a “hoax.” I soon became notorious, as being a “troll” in truth movement circles. Because I didn’t believe it was a hoax and was very vocal about it. I knew, it would be used to discredit “Truthers” someday. It was a recipe for disaster, waiting to happen. Everything The Truther Movement built till that point, suddenly a shadow cast over it. By labeling truthers “dead children stalkers.” The election of Donald Trump and the months before his election. Proved the horrible feeling I had for years before that. That The Left would use Sandy Hook as some sick political weapon, to demonize conservatives. Or what you call, Trump supporters. My intuitions were right, they did exactly that and worse. In my time being a vocal critic of Sandy Hook Truthers, I met Sandy Hook Father Lenny Pozner. I didn’t know much about him, I only knew some things like. Him running some organization called Honr Network. I soon began to collaborate with Lenny Pozner. Share info with him, like the real identities of some of the more bigger Sandy Hook Truthers. All was going fine, until I mentioned to him that. Most of his Honr Network volunteers were former Sandy Hook Truthers and hated my guts. Most of these same individuals, have numerous slanderous content of me still uploaded on the internet. I told him about one particular volunteer being a cyber terrorist. Who use to harass numerous people online, way before he created his Network. These same individuals started to plot on me, after Lenny began to take a liking to me. They started to publicly troll me and harass me. When I saw that Lenny didn’t discipline them and didn’t tell them to stop. Without anything said, I blocked him from all of my Social Media accounts. And went my separate way, until one day. I saw that Lenny had joined in on the gangstalking and harassment taking place by his Honr Network towards me. This soon turned Nasty and suddenly all the bad things The Sandy Hook Truthers were saying about Lenny Pozner started to become true to me. Lenny and his Honr Network soon began to harass Me, My Family and Friends on a daily basis. All because I held my ground and fought back. Because I knew and still know, I was in the right. All because I pointed out, that a Volunteer he had working for his Honr Network. Was a known Cyber Predator and he saw that as me dissing his “Network.” I will admit that, my reputation of being tough on trolls might had made Lenny paranoid about what I would do. So he came out of the gate with all weapons drawn at me and was ready for war. Trying to knock me out in “Round 1.” He soon learned that I wasn’t going to be easy, prior to this he was mowing down what he calls “hoaxers.” He thought I would be an easy walk in the park and boy was he mistaken. I soon came to learn that Lenny Pozner was a NASTY man, that only cared about what people did for him. Using people, for some sort of agenda. I started to put the pieces together, Lenny Pozner was being used by The Democrats to demonize “Truthers”/Trump Supporters. The man literally appears in a new article every month, demonizing “Truthers” and trying to draw a picture that he is a victim. Sick use by The Left of a Sandy Hook Parent, to push an agenda. I can list the numerous atrocities, that Lenny and his Honr Network have committed towards me. And I have, many can be found on But I’ll leave it out of this article, this article is more about how The Left has exploited a Mass Shooting Victim. Lenny Pozner is the only Sandy Hook parent, that seems to be on instant clockwork for The Left. Whenever they need to run a NASTY article on Trump Supporters, he’s there to put his two cents in. He’s also the only Sandy Hook Parent, that participates in online trolling. The narrative they run is simple, they paint Pozner as some sort of victim of “Sandy Hook Truther” trolls. Link them to Trump and paint everybody as Dead Children Stalkers. Till this day, it’s on going. Many lives have been ruined, all because of The Left’s sick fascination in exploiting a grieving Sandy Hook Parent. Being around so long, the Sandy Hook Truthers are way more tamed, then the people who go after them. I’ve seen criminal activity, not by The Sandy Hook Truthers. But from the people going after them. Just think if Antifa had an online troll army, these are the people causing havoc on the internet. All for The Left’s sick Liberal agenda, instead of asking questions. To Release the documents and footage The Sandy Hook Truthers want to see. They rather drag this whole mess for an obvious political agenda and bring up Sandy Hook constantly. Sad world we live in, when a mass shooting (hoax or not.) Is used for gain, God help us all.

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