Why are people so pissed off about Airbnb?
Eric Meyerson

The issue is not the person who is renting a random room in their house or a unit that is not on the rental market, like say your house when you are away. The problem is that speculators are seeing massive $ signs and Ellis Acting etc and taking apartments and homes off the market en force and that is impacting the housing crisis here in San Francisco. On top of that, not paying hotel taxes or operating as a business, like any other money making proposition generally does. And Airbnb type rentals are crushing cities like ours and many others where tourists will happily pay top dollar to rent apartments and housing. Everyone was talking about the housing crunch in New Orleans when I was there that their neighborhoods are getting eviscerated by raging renters who are disrupting communites with their all night parties and the other things that go along with having random people in and out of houses that have zero ties or cares to long standing communities.
I, as with most of these other start ups whose main purpose is to disrupt, think they need to play fairly. Same thing with Uber. I don’t think they are necessarily bad ideas but while shirking the fees/taxes/costs/background checks/insurance/safety precautions that hotels/taxis/etc have to and having an adverse affect on the communities, find it to be a huge fucked up and also potentially dangerous problem.

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