• Parag Deshpande

    Parag Deshpande

    MBA | Experience Designer @EPAMSYSTEMS | Strategy | Digital Transformation | Innovation | Photographer | @achtungparag

  • Christoph Steinlehner

    Christoph Steinlehner

    Helping companies and teams bringing a design approach into their product development

  • Nigel Quinlan

    Nigel Quinlan

    End-to-end User Experience Designer

  • Marie Jose Lemiere

    Marie Jose Lemiere

    Self-training in Web Design, Scratch, JS, Sewing apprentice, Padawan Maker, Fashion addict and French.

  • Emma Moran

    Emma Moran

    Exploring the intersection of psychology, human behavior, strategy, and design. https://www.sprintwell.com/

  • LI tianyu

    LI tianyu

  • Jemina Lehmuskoski

    Jemina Lehmuskoski

    Senior Service Designer at Valuemotive. I work with AI and Data Science to build smarter businesses.

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