Reaching all time high record with a customer-centric strategy

Elisa’s B2C annual revenue reached €1bn in FY2016

How many major telecom companies are really customer oriented? Based on NPS (Net Promoter Score) benchmarking, not too many. The average NPS in the Telecom industry has remained consistently below 20, and still many telecom providers suffer from negative NPS (

Elisa wasn’t any different 8 years ago. Although it’s hard to say anything about Elisa’s NPS in 2007 as it wasn’t measured so I had to dig into my email archives to check out when we started to measure it Elisa wide. Yep, it was 2010. And although the customer oriented strategy was launched 2–3 years earlier, it took a good amount of evangelising to get NPS monitoring started.

The dream of reaching €1bn annual consumer sector revenue was first verbalised in around 2007. We finalised the roadmap for the vision with Asko Känsälä taking the lead. When Asko took over as head of Elisa’s customer division he introduced his strong customer orientation through communicating that ‘the customer really wears the trousers’.

The persistent improvement through customer intimacy was rewarded in 2016 by reaching €1bn annual revenue, and was one of the main drivers for contributing factors in reaching record high overall results (

One could say, so what? Is reaching 20 percent revenue growth anything special? Under different circumstances maybe not, but as the overall Finnish economy is still below 2008 level, I would say, that it’s not too bad at all especially as at the same time Elisa’s main competitor’s (TeliaSonera) revenue has decreased almost 25 percent in Finland.

And what about NPS? Elisa’s persistent work to solve the customers’ problems can be seen as a continuous NPS improvement (

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