Bend The Word - Eminem’s Lesson On Success

Eminem is someone I would consider talented and entrepreneurial. When watching this video, it may seem like the importance of this clip is his ability to rhyme with the word orange. Looking deeper, what makes this video interesting is his attitude. He is not affected by the status quo, has a can do attitude, and thinks outside the box.

“When people say the word orange doesn’t rhyme with anything, it kind of pisses me off … If you are taking the word at face value, nothing is going to rhyme with it exactly.”

A good attitude mixed with creativity really goes a long way.

“If you enunciate it and you make it more than one syllable, like oor-range, you could say, ‘ I put my oor-range, four inch, door hinge in storage, and ate porridge with jorage’. You just have to find the science to breaking down words.”

Funny how I discovered this video due to a poorly constructed rhyme I attempted (or plainly jumbling words) in front of a friend (thanks Will). What a serendipitous occurrence, I guess this is what it means to learn from failure :D.

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