Highlights from React Conf 2017

Pan Wangperawong
1 min readMar 17, 2017

Redux or MobX?

Good explanation of how Redux and MobX works with a fun comparison, watch here. For her summary, watch here. Although using a standard state management library would be nice, don’t forget that setState, Redux, and MobX could all coexist. It’s all JavaScript!

Cool things that could be done with React besides websites

Short talk where Ken demos how React could be used to build things outside of websites. For example, terminal, VR, mobile, tv, music, visualization, games, and hardware.

Would love it if the talk title was Shit You Could Do with React.

Liberate Yourself from Code Formatting with Prettier

Programming is art — an expression with intent. Sometimes as developers, we get distracted from nuances such as code formatting and consistency, and lose sight of the bigger picture. Prettier liberates you from all of this, so “don’t think, just code”.

Adapting CSS for the Age of Component Based Apps

Max explains how to adapt CSS to component based application and how he solves this problem through Styled Components.

Server Side Rendering and Static Websites

Informative intro to server side rendering and Guillermo is entertaining. He discusses the motivation for Next.js.

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