Snapchat Changed the Camera Game

I spent the day trying out Snapchat for real. That means I went out Snaping whatever I found interesting and said whatever came to mind. I really enjoyed myself 🐒. Snapchat as a camera and communication app is awesome! I think SnapChat could completely replace camera apps.

A Camera that Understands the Users

Many users probably and I definitely do not have a ton of data for constantly uploading Snaps. I still want to capture my moments and eventually share them, so with the new Memories feature this is solved. I am able to take pictures and videos that I could save to my phone locally. Then when I connect to WiFi, I could share them to my network. For those using data, Snapchat seems to decrease the picture/video resolution to help it upload faster and consume less data. I think that’s an optimization/trade off worth making. As a communication tool that’s frequently use, I don’t expect my friends to scrutinize my Snaps. If I decide to take higher resolution photos, I could do that as well and upload it to Snapchat, so I have both options. This is probably an exaggeration, but it completely removed the stress and allowed me as a creative to focus on the content knowing that I could share it later.

Discovering New Ways to Snap Everyday

From using the app, I also find myself discovering new features constantly. Don’t make fun of me, but I just learned about filters and effects. The camera could flip to the front facing camera while I’m capturing a video. This feature makes total sense and I’m kind of surprise other camera apps can’t do this. I think I saw a phone icon at some point as well. Oh and my favorite $napCash. It really allowed me to play around with my pictures and videos, which I think could be fun for my friends. Except for the fact that I don’t have many friends on Snapchat, the features make it really hard to leave the app. Feel free to be my friend though my username is pan-w, I have yet to fully experience what it means to use Snapchat since I have about five friends lol.

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Anyone Could Become a Social Media ⭐️

Other apps I tried that day was Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They weren’t as fun to use and unfortunately is where the majority of my network is located. None of the other apps had the ability to do what Snapchat provides. Instagram for example does not allow photo/video upload to Stories.

Don’t fret though, I figured out a workflow so you could still become a ⭐️ !

  1. Go to Instagram Stories settings and enable Save Shared Photos
  2. Create Stories on Instagram
  3. Share on other networks
  4. Upload saved Instagram Stories file into Snapchat
  5. 😎

This was a really different experience for me and was fun. I feel so much younger haha. It’s amazing to me how Snapchat’s focus on the camera really changed how I could communicate. Good job 👌

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