No Women Are Not Equal, Women Have It Better
crystal iannace

You have GOT to be kidding me. What rock are you living under? Seriously? I’d LOVE to have a drink of the Kool Aid of which you partake. Get a clue. Do you even know why women AND MEN of the world were marching this week? Clearly you have no idea because if you did, you’d be thanking them for petitioning for YOUR rights — for equal pay, for birth control, for respect for your intelligence. Good grief, join the current century — it’s pretty amazing here! And by the way, this is written by a minority woman who paid for her own education, owns her own business, creates high paying jobs, pays taxes, buys her own OFF EXCHANGE insurance, can shoot a gun, has also built a home and, for the record, will never stop fighting for equality for all of us.

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