The #2018Liberation List

Thanks to Cate Huston for the brilliant idea, this is the list of things I’m freeing myself from in 2018:

  • Pressure to be dressed appropriately for my age, my job, my body. 
    I usually shop thinking “Does this make me look younger/older/professional/corporate/casual/[adjective of choice]?”. 
    I spend a considerable amount of time every evening planning my outfits according to what’s in my calendar for the next day, trying to match my image with people’s expectations… No more
  • Beating myself up when I make mistakes at work and feeling inadequate when I don’t know something. I did the same kind of job for a long time and I got used to be very competent, confident, at ease with my day to day routine. Now I’m learning a new kind of job and half the time I don’t know what I’m doing, it’s normal and ok!
  • Feeling guilty when I choose self care over what I “should” do. 
    Cleaning, errands, social engagements, work, exercise, people stuff; none of it is essential, the world will not stop if I take some time for myself.
  • Guilt about my wealth and achievements. Talking about my life makes me uncomfortable, I keep understating things to put people at ease. One thing is acknowledging my privilege and being considerate of other people’s feelings, a completely different one is feeling shame or guilt about what I worked so hard to get and should be proud of.
  • Justifying my life choices. I value/do/want many things that are not mainstream whilst I could not care less or actively dislike other things that are essential for many. My choices are just as valid and I do not owe anyone an explanation.
  • Excusing inappropriate behaviour when I see good intentions and walking on eggshells not to hurt feelings. If the person really has good intentions they will accept and appreciate my feedback.
June 2017 — Catinaccio, Dolomites, Italy ( 📷 by pieeetrooo )