How Motherhood Changed My Life

Picture by Jose Pimentel Photography

Mother’s Day was this past weekend and it seems appropriate to share with you how my life changed when I, myself, became a mother. Becoming a parent can be very scary, although exciting as well. However, I do understand that becoming a mother is something not every woman wants, which is also very understandable.

Motherhood is the most beautiful and exciting thing that has ever happened to me, but it has also brought plenty of tears. There were tears during my high-risk pregnancy- tears of sadness, tears of fear, and tears of joy. I had also planned exactly how labor would be and life came and slapped me in the face. I had taken hypnobirthing classes and was prepared to have a calm labor and delivery. When I made it to the hospital I was feeling uncomfortable due to the contractions, yet relaxed. The nurse and the doctor noticed that something was wrong and stated that if I was not in active labor, that I would have to be induced. Thank God I was actually in active labor.

Unfortunately, I was no longer able to have the labor and delivery I had originally planned. I was supposed to go through labor in the whirlpool tub and only get out for delivery. With the somewhat expected complications, those plans changed. I was in bed during most of my labor and hooked up to everything the whole time.

When I finally pushed my baby boy out, we were planning delayed cord clamping and my husband was supposed to cut the cord. That did not happen either. They took him and quickly cut the cord while the nurse called for neonatal. I had never seen people rush so quickly into a hospital room before. My boy was not responding- he had to be resuscitated.


We all love to think that our kids will be so good. “My baby will not cry much” or “my baby will sleep through the night almost right away.” these things are possible, yet not the norm. Parenthood is great, but I feel like it’s also good to be prepared for the everyday difficulties that come with being a parent. I knew that having a baby meant, for the first few months, waking up every 2 to 3 hours to feed him, and involved lots of dirty diapers and diaper explosions. I had watched my fair share of kids before. What people don’t tend to talk about are the hours of non-stop crying you may have to deal with during their first few weeks or months of this baby’s life.

I remember crying with my baby because I was so overwhelmed and did not know what was going on. Once I started having conversations with other young mothers about it, I realized how normal this was, but I didn’t know before.

Every time I brought him to family events, once he was a couple of months old, he also cried, and a lot. Even though while at home he was the happiest baby in town. He is now a toddler, so I am starting to experience the very fun tantrums. Understanding what’s happening at each stage is key for a mom or dad to keep their patience.

My son brings so much joy to my heart. Every single day he makes me laugh, he gives me hugs and kisses, annoys our dog with the never ending snuggles, but yes, it is not always easy. However, I believe that all of the love and happiness in my home thanks to my boy, overshadows all of the struggles that come as part of the package of being a mom.


There have been so many changes in my life during the past 16 months since my baby was born. I became a morning person, which I never thought would be possible. Everything I do, I now stop to think how it would affect my child, or whether it’s something that would affect him or not.

My baby has made me a more compassionate person. I worry a lot more about those who are less fortunate and care a lot about the story behind those who many would call “criminals” or “losers.” I want to teach my son to love unconditionally and in this process am slowly learning to do so myself as well (still a work in progress of course).

My health is so much more important to me than before because I want to be around to see my son grow, I want to be there helping him along the way.

I want my son to be confident, to love himself, and to believe in himself. I want him to know that no matter what others say, God has given all of us a beautiful uniqueness that we must cherish. In doing so, I have learned to love myself, to appreciate who I am, and what God has given me as an individual.

I guess you could say that motherhood has brought tears rolling down my face, has brought lots of sleepless nights, a messy home, and tantrums to deal with. Motherhood has also helped me grow as a human being and has filled my home with pure joy and laughter.