I don’t love you

I just like how you get all awkward when I try to kiss you.

And when you walk around in your brown combat boots and a leather-like jacket showing off your style looking at me with those dark eyes, making gestures that enhance your eyebrow piercing.

That bad boy vibe kills me.

How dare you ask if you look ok. Of course you do. You could be wearing a meat costume a la Lady Gaga, and you would still look handsome. Well, except that one time you got an ugly haircut and you thought you looked cool.

The best part is that you don’t even try to seduce the world, but the Universe smiles right back at ya. Yup. Such a fascinating creature. Mystical and all.

It’s the simple things.

How you binge-watch that Mexican show El Chavo and laugh nonstop for something that isn’t that funny. Then, you stare at me for not laughing with you and think there is something wrong with my sense of humor.

Remember that one time we helped that pseudo-journalist meet his daily photo quota for the social section? He asked if he could take our picture and say we were a happy couple. Oh, what a beautiful lie that was.

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