seeing is believing

In a world where communication is key, we cannot fight gender gap without looking at images.

I follow the #repicturewomen hashtag on Twitter: @LeanInOrg is leading this initiative where people share images of women’s power, with no stereotypes. And while following the conversation I came across this video. It is a talk by Pamela Grossman of Getty Images and Jessica Bennet of LeanIn who speak about how difficult it still is for women to be portrayed in a right and stereotype-free way. For example they speak about commercials and stock images portraying working women as stressed, with boxing gloves at work, or with a child in their bag, or sleeping on the desk…

“You can’t be what you can’t see” is the motto that appears on screen right after these images. So true. How would we ever be able to be considered (and consider ourselves) as leaders, winning, able to do the job?

The good news is that, in the Social Media world, women have started making the gender gap issue “social”. This means that we found a way to fight wrong images with words. Women dominate social networks: they share more than men and they have more connections on average. This is a huge power.

What is happening then? Statistics confirm that we more often speak about inequality, influential leaders continuously share their experiences and offer help; we more often share our problems and raise our voice. This is not only positive, it is also starting to change the communication society (and consequently its images) because when women unite…things change!

PS: Have a look at Getty Images’ LeanIn Collection gallery — it is a good example of stock images that tell the truth about us


Originally published at on September 18, 2014.