Midterm Project: MET Museum

During our visit at the Met Museum last October 17, 2016, I was really excited to go there since I thought at first that I will be able to see diffeent kinds of Philippine money. Though I was wrong, I still got really impressed witht the paintings or artworks that I saw. There were two exhibits: The Configuring Philippine Print and Philippine Contemporary: To scale the Past and the Present.

This is Tahanan by Manuel Baldemor. This artworks shows a house that is a combination of modern and ancient house. For me, the picture conveys that no matter how small, narrow, or how messy it gets, as long as the family is together and happy, they will be contented and excited as they go home to there so called home.

This is Monument by Cesar Legaspi. This picture conveys that the heroes that fought for our country deserves this for they sacrificed themselves and gave their all as they fought for our countries or our rights.

This is Conversation with Bacon by Annie Cabigting. This painting is very eye-catching because it really looks real. At first glance, ypu will think that there’s other people just standing without moving while looking at the paintings. So this painting or picture shows us how we look like everytime we appreciate or analyze art.

This is White Horse by Hugo Yuzon. It shows the viewers one of the transportation in the Philippines which is “kalesa”. Usually, the “kalesa” in the Philippines is just plain or painted with only one color. In this painting, it is colorful which shows us that the drivers gives joy to the foreigners or filipinos who ride the “kalesa”.

This is Tindera ng Isda (left) and Ang Maranda sa Bintana (right) both by Jess Flores. The painting on the left shows how the filipinos strive or earn money by selling different kinds of fish. While on the right is an old woman enjoying the view of her inner house from the outside with plants on the window.

For me, the MET Museum showed more of the modern and ancient works or doings of art. The National Museum showed more of the history of the Philippines. Also, when we visited National Museum, there were lots of people since the students had their fieldtrip there unlike in MET, it was so peaceful and we were the only ones inside the museum. Although I enjoyed both museums since I got a lot of new informations and I even saw more artistic people! I am now more interested to go to museums!

Proof of visit: