UF Public Relations student participates in a TweetChat on Search Engine Optimization (#SEOChat)

Let me just start with the preface that my knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely limited. In fact, my first introduction to the term was in my Social Media Management class. The idea of sitting in on a Twitter chat focused on search engine optimization was amusing yet terrifying.

I logged on to Twitter around 12:57 EST to prepare myself for an hour of chatting. I’ve never sat in on a Twitter Chat before but know briefly how they function. One person initiates a conversation or discussion on a hashtag that will be used for the entire chat and invites interested tweeters through reminder posts leading up to the event. Paul Thompson (@thompsonpaul) was the host of the #SEOchat. He’s a self-proclaimed geek translator, “helping turn web marketing buzzwords into business.” Once the chat started I introduced myself as a University of Florida Social Media Management student and Thompson warmly welcomed me along with a few other Twitter users that were participating in the chat. My nerves were calmed. As an introvert, I constantly feel a sense of anxiety when I interact with other people on the internet because I’m fearful of how I am perceived and also social interaction in general. (Am I right or am I right?)

The #SEOchat addressed the following:
• How key-word usage has changed for on-page work.
• Voice search and its impact on optimization of terms and phrases
• Google and the mobile-first index
• Schema

Seeing fellow UF students participate in the conversation was the best part of it all. It was a mingling of business marketing professionals and college students seeking more information and knowledge.

The chat began with Paul Thompson asking questions labeled as “Q1, Q2, etc.” and responses labeled, “A1, A2, etc.” What interested me most was seeing thorough responses delivered in just 140 characters, and the addition of GIFs, which added spunk to the conversation. I contributed mainly to the conversation surrounding HTTPS and Schema since I have more knowledge in that area (thanks to a coding college course) than most of the SEO questions that were being asked, but during the chat I realized just by sitting in for one hour on a chat I didn’t know much about, I gained knowledge on the subject and met influencers and marketers. (I followed them too!)

TweetChat is the future of communicating online real-time without the boundaries of time-zones.

In addition, here’s a graphic I’ve made on the basics of SEO optimization now that I have a better understanding of it:

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