Positive Review: The Underground Coffee House

The Underground Coffee House; a coffee house unlike any other coffee house in the area. Some say their first impression of the place is that of a garage sale or thrift shop which isn’t incorrect considering the place is filled with mismatched couches and funky lamps that you would probably find at a thrift shop. Although, The Underground is much more than its far out furnishings that give the place its character.

This particular coffee house has a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere most likely due to the low light given off from the lamps and the couches/chairs spread about the room. It’s a place that has soft music playing in the background. It’s a place to grab a cup of warm coffee and catch up with a friend between classes or a place to go study for that midterm paper you have to write. It’s a place to go enjoy a concert on Wednesday night or to grab a group of friends and play a board game. It offers so many different things for people to enjoy which makes it unique in its own way.

The Underground coffee house has a multitude of activities that make it a great place to go. It offers many nights of entertainment from Open Mic Night where people can express themselves and share their creativity on Tuesdays to concerts on Wednesdays where up incoming bands or artists perform a free show. The room usually fills up extremely fast those nights so I recommend getting there a little early unless you don’t mind sitting on the floor up close to the stage. These things make The Underground Coffee House different from other coffee places around Bellingham, they make it a one of a kind place to go if you’re looking for something to do. Its easy to grab a latte or coffee and chill or work on homework with friends while watching people perform. Not many places provide all those things at the same time. Granted, if you need a quiet space to read or do work, the Underground may not be the best for you. The place tends to get quite loud especially on the nights when there is stuff going on on stage. The Underground can also get semi crowed or even overly crowded at times and if you are an easily distracted person, it might not be the best. But if you’re someone who doesn’t mind a little distraction, go check it out.

Overall, The Underground Coffee House is a fantastic place for most people to go and hang out. They provide people with a lot of different things to do for a coffee house which sets it apart from most coffee house around. From entertainment, to games, to comfy seating, to caffeinated beverages The Underground is the place to be most days. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great new place to go and chill for a bit.

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