Why Blockchain is Hard
Jimmy Song

One thing nobody seems to pay attention to, with regards to blockchain … is that it is energetically unsustainable. The only reason cryptocurrencies survive is because they are ideal currencies for illegal transactions, especially to avoid money laundering limitations. Hence the energetic cost is of secondary importance, since the cryptocurrency is anyway just a temporary mean to bring illegally obtained gains from the criminal sources to the legal conventional currency system. It’s a realm that by definition wants to remain a fringe player. So, they are here to stay, but will never become mainstream, at least not until a quantum super computer becomes as cheap as a smartphone. So, … not anytime soon. Then again, time in technology is obviously warped so, don’t be surprised if today it doesn’t exist and tomorrow you will find out that it was invented yesterday.

I wonder if there is a subset of the blockchain concept that would be inexpensive yet secure enough to be used to secure the integrity of news, the identity of the source and the originality of videos and audio streams?