Her name was Teresa Halbach: What Netflix Missed with “Making a Murderer”
Diana Alvear

I find it astounding that you fail to mention the fact that Teresa Halbach “deserved better” from her own police department, who essentially focused its investigative efforts toward one man, effectively eliminating any other individuals who would have been more likely to commit this crime. I assume then she didn’t “deserve better” from her local media outlets who poisoned the minds of residents by broadcasting fabricated stories and, even more importantly, perpetuated a presumption of guilt for men who had yet to stand trial? Did she not “deserve better” from a justice system whose only goal was to maintain the status quo, and protect corrupt individuals who had no intention of discovering the truth behind her murder? Demonizing the filmmakers’ for using her as a “plot point” completely disregards the purpose of this documentary. Though I agree, she did indeed “deserve better”, the creators of this film were not the ones who failed her.

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