New real estate numbers show sales in Greater Victoria are down 12.5 per cent compared to the same period last year. But sales rose 12.5 per cent compared to last month.

Sales in April 2018 up compared to March 2018, but still down year-to-year



New figures show that local real estate sales continue to decline but at a slower rate.

According to the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB), regional sales in April 2018 dropped by 12.5 per…

Timing is everything in cyclical markets like housing, but can you afford to wait for a recovery?

Don Pittis · CBC News


History tells us the Canadian housing market will eventually climb to new heights, but if you are interested in selling, how long can you afford to wait for the price you want? (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

History tells us that with very rare exceptions, no matter how far property values fall, eventually they will come back even stronger.

The latest housing market…

Paolo Abate

Paolo Abate heads HAVEN Developments, a Toronto and GTA based residential and commercial development company.

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