Your worst enemy is yourself

This week we had in Pernix a talk given by Oscar Retana, director of Operations of Grieldshield, friend of Carlos Sirias, the talk was about following the dream and being an entrepreneur, which is something that we are usually afraid because normally that goal is in An area unknown at first.

But as he said, we have the right to make mistakes if we want to be successful, the risks and opportunities go hand in hand, seducing you but at the same time threatening you if you take the opportunity. But in all this, what should be done is a worst case scenario and if you still want to do it, knowing the risk, then it is worth taking the chance. There are different types of opportunities, some that come to you that are not so recurrent and the opportunities that you create with work and good decisions, but still, what to do when you have that opportunity in your hands?

It is not enough just to work so that the opportunity arrives but on the contrary, you must work even harder so that it is worth this opportunity. Focus on and say “NO” to distractions that may lead you astray from the goal.
As my father said, “Your worst enemy is yourself,” so come and get better every day, seize opportunities and work on them. That joy and success are not a goal, it is the way.