Are you already in the list?

The last couple of months were dominated by constant ups and downs. I knew that terrible things were going to happen. Sometimes you just smell shit before it’s going to hit you. Despite loosing my girlfriend and quitting my job I also lost faith in the meaningfulness of life. Yes, all bad things go by three.

It was in these moments when I started working on the list.

What are we actually talking about?

In simple terms, the list is accessible via a domain called and offers you to:

  • Immortalize yourself (the list never forgets)
  • Boost your prominence (share a website-, Facebook-link, etc.)
  • Be part of a viral phenomenon

Can you afford a place in the list?

To be honest, probably not. Starting by 1$ the list is indeed reachable by most citizens of our planet regardless of social and financial status. But not for long. With every new participant the price in the list doubles. Very soon only the richest among us can afford to secure a place at the top of the list, providing the perfect spotlight for them. So unless you are not damn rich you probably need to be fast.

To the readers

It would be great if you can provide me with some constructive feedback. Do you consider damn-rich as a good idea? What about the moral aspects of the site? Do you think I can continue to be open about it or should I be more discrete, especially when it comes to job interviews, etc.?

And last but not least, how damn rich are you? :-)