Flying up and Gliding down Mt. Rinjani

Bangsal — Lombok Harbour

Meet Wayan. Get taxi with Apar (crazy) who bombs it in one hour to Kuta. We stay at Ikes hostel (our gloriously camp receptionist Rocky is a little over friendly but harmless). Manage to get in a solid workout & chill with some fellow travellers. Link up with South African mate Devon. We scooter to surfers inn (lost my lava bracelet en route dammit), we meet Moona + friends — a Finnish girl who agrees to join us for dinner. Hit the Internet cafe en route, thirty mins to surf five pages! End up booking a trek with Adi, hopefully this is a good deal — who knows! Have dinner at reggae place and get sneakily mugged by these kids selling trinkets. Here’s the game: play rock, paper, scissors. If you win, sad face, you buy the trinkets. If you lose, hey you gambled and you lost, you buy the trinkets. Win-Win for them. Lose Lose for you. Cheeky. Another lava bracelet woohoo. We Eat delicious peanut based veggie local sizzler: Gado Gado. Woof. Absolutely delicious until Devon’s stomach begins to roar and pop. Great company. We sleep by 1am. 330am we are up & out. …

Please don’t repeat these

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Photo by Obed Hernández on Unsplash

Everyone starts out as a rookie. That’s okay. What’s not is repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Here are five rookie mistakes marketers make on Facebook.

1. Your Friends Are Your Enemies

The first few times I released a single by promoting it on Facebook or spread the word about a gig event by marketing it on Facebook, I thought, Surely I just need to invite ALL my friends to this brand spanking new amazingness. The ignominy of zero likes, zero buzz, zero action is too grim to bear! If I just nudge that little snowball down the hill, the avalanche will come. Right?

No! This is a cardinal sin. Rookie error. No más. No bueno. Game. …

Music as a Hiring Heuristic

Hire an athlete for high levels of teamwork, resilience, time management & work ethic.

Hire military veterans for someone that takes ownership, is highly analytical & responsible.

Hire an entrepreneur for individuals who are tenacious, determined & challenge the norm.

Hire a musician for…?

Business leaders use heuristics (shortcuts) like this in recruitment based on the assumption that “if I hire someone from this field, this is what they are likely to be like”.

Of course in reality this is a fallacy, a form of cognitive bias¹— but a useful one. It is very difficult to determine how, or if, a hire will perform well in a role. As you see above, a large component of hiring is increasingly based on intuitive judgements, founded on preconceived trait associations with specific disciplines e.g. …

Lessons from some of the world’s top talent in pop, rock, and jazz

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Left to right: Riva Taylor, Jeff Cohen, Jim Duguid, Sarah Darling, Sacha Skarbek — Image courtesy of the author

Last Friday night — a revelation.

Perhaps that's an overstatement, but it was certainly exciting, eye-opening, and entertaining. The talent behind some of the world’s most popular music (Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”, James Blunt’s “You're Beautiful”, Paolo Nutini’s “New Shoes”, and more). On stage. Sharing their stories.

So, for those like me (uninitiated), here’s the format: a songwriting circle. This is where/when musicians congregate to unravel & unpack the ideas that shaped their songs. Unbeknownst to me, this is a time-worn tradition around the globe: from Nashville to London, New Orleans to Havana & Berlin.

The result — wonder, respect, humility & connection. …



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