S h a d e : comparative darkness and coolness caused by shelter from direct sunlight.

I miss those innocent moments as a kid, being lulled into a daydream on a bright summers day by a calming breeze, hiding from the world whilst being draped in the tranquility offered to me by the dancing shade of thousands of leaves.

Hours and hours would disappear in an instant without much consequence other than a concerned parent, and where the only trouble that confronted me was what I would be having for dinner that day.

Those days are gone now, and although I may still be able to sit under the shade of thousands of leaves, rather than being lulled into a sweet daydream about nothingness I find my mind being drawn to consider the complex workings of the dancing leaves that seemed so nonchalant at one point in time, busy converting photons of light into molecules of chemical energy that fuels the growing plant and the world itself. Though I can try and hide from the world it always seems to find a way to pry it’s way back into the canvas of my mind, as hard as I try to forget the worries and cares of this life they often succeed in choking the life from the peace and stillness I briefly have, hours and hours feel like hours and hours and the consequences of the time passing by come chasing like a starving pack of vicious carnivores.

So what then? Am I condemned to a life with only the facade of freedom? Sentenced to life without parole even though I can go anywhere I please, possibly. But hope. I remind myself to put my trust in the true refuge, the true shade, the eternal calming and unseen breeze that blows through the heat of my fears and anxieties, the skilled hunter that lights a flare in the darkness of my mistakes and puts an arrow through the heart of every consequence of my actions, it is that true and mighty oak that I must sit under, not just in the bright heat of summer but also the bitter darkness of winter, the fresh joys of spring and the golden days of autumn.

yhwh — the unseen calming breeze, the complex working leaves and the cool tranquil shade.

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