Slowdown — Smell the Coffee.

I was pondering the other week on how to slow down what can be a really fast, speedy life. I came to the conclusion that I had to have time to ‘smell the coffee’, to paraphrase a well-known saying. How to accomplish what may seem a really important, but hard to achieve intention? I gave some considerable time to this aim, producing and rejecting many ideas.

I eventually came up with my own solution; yours may be different, but along the same lines. My phone was the answer! I have an ancient telephone, which I hooked up to the system. It has an old dial, rather than press-button system. I have discovered that by using this, it slows me down, gives me time to consider what I’m going to say, and enables me to achieve my aim.

Why don’t you try to think of your own way to ‘smell the coffee, or roses, or whatever?

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