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Objective: KIRA Network deployment, state propagation, snapshots, networking and connectivity testing between nodes in local and public networks


  • 4 vCPU cores (ARM64 or x64)
  • Minimum 8GB of RAM
  • Minimum 32GB+ of the free storage space (plus space required to persist blockchain state and snapshots)
  • Disposable cloud instance or VM
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS installed on the host instance or VM
  • Stable internet connection with at least 10 Mbps Up/Dn speed
  • Static IP address or dynamic DNS
  • Access to router or otherwise your local network configuration

Source code:

  • KIRA Management tool — kira
  • Blockchain Application — sekai

Warning: Do not use…

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BSC, Binance’s dual-chain architecture blockchain, is based on a Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus model and features instant finality with short block times and low gas fees. BSC introduces BNB staking and smart contracts into the Binance ecosystem, along with EVM compatibility that enables Ethererum developers to easily port their applications over to BSC.

As a result of rising gas fees on the Ethereum network pricing smaller players out of the market, BSC cheap network fees and EVM compatibility, BSC has become a serious alternative to Ethererum, recently surpassing Ethereum’s daily transaction volume, generating over $15B in total transaction…

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Primary Listing of KIRA Network (KEX) on BitMax

We are incredibly proud to officially announce the listing of our KEX token via our primary listing partner, Bitmax, one of the industry’s leading digital asset platforms.

  • Deposits and withdrawals of KEX will be enabled at 9pm EST on December 17th
  • The KEX smart contract will unlock at 9pm EST on December 17th allowing KEX token holders to transfer KEX tokens between any ERC20 addresses
  • Trading of the KEX/USDT pair will be enabled at 9am EST on December 18th

With BitMax’s daily trading volume of over ~$300m, ~750K registered users and accessibility…

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We are excited to announce that the first phase of the KIRA Liquidity Reward Program will commence at 4PM UTC on the 6th of December 2020. The initial phase of our liquidity reward program is designed to incentivise the KEX/ETH Uniswap market and will run for a period of 30 days. There will be an option to extend this program further after the first phase, or run it in combination with the second phase of our liquidity reward program, which will be in partnership with our primary listing partner.

During the first phase of the liquidity reward program, a total…

KIRA Network — Public Round

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We are pleased to announce an upcoming KIRA’s Public Liquidity Auction that will start on November 25, 2020 at 3 PM UTC and will conclude in 24 hours or once the hard cap is reached.

Custom, Hard & Soft capped Dutch Auction will be launched to ensure that every whitelisted participant will have an equal opportunity to acquire KEX tokens at the best possible price, driven by demand.

About The Auction

The auction will open at a valuation of ~$3.00 per KEX, which will then rapidly decline within the 1st hour down to ~$1.00 per KEX. For the remaining 23 hours the price…

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This is an English translation of Odaily’s interview with Milana Valmont, CEO of KIRA Network.

KIRA is aiming to build the first cryptocurrency ecosystem powered by liquidity of tokens at stake, where real world assets can be used to secure blockchain applications.

As the official launch of ETH 2.0 approaches, the discussion about PoS staking has once again been raging. The design of the ETH 2.0 staking mechanism indicates that the sooner you participate in staking, the greater the gains, and countless investors are currently gearing up to try it.

However, once users choose to participate in the ETH 2.0…

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KIRA Network Team is pleased to announce the winner and runner-ups of the Second Security Challenge that took place at 12PM UTC on November 11, 2020 and was announced on our Twitter

Participants had a chance to win the Grand Prize — an allocation of 10 ETH worth of KEX and 200 USDT by solving cryptographic and security challenges that were revealed on our official blog at the start of the competition. The main goal of this challenge was to simulate a real life scenario of a Public Auction taking place in adversarial conditions and in a hostile local environment…

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the exclusive KIRA Ambassador Program. We are inviting all KIRA’s followers and supporters to join our movement to revolutionize the decentralized finance space.

We know that these days, the support of the community is more important than ever for any projects out there. Therefore, we look for active and enthusiastic people that support KIRA.

An ideal candidate for KIRA Ambassador Program would be someone who is really passionate about the Blockchain space, and who is looking forward to the wide adoption of this cutting-edge technology.

You will make the perfect fit if…

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Generating passive income is one of the most compelling features of the decentralized assets space. The idea of minimal risk and “no-effort-required-to-generate-revenue” is at the core of almost all Proof-of-Stake networks that ensure security of their protocols by incentivising users to lock up their assets and vouch for the validator they trust. The process of vouching for network operators is often called “staking”. It implies placing ones assets “at stake” or “at risk” of slashing, which is a mechanism that prevents the so called “Nothing-at-Stake” problem — in simpler terms, it prevents creation of forks.

In this article we will…

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KIRA Network is offering everyone a chance to be part of the KIRA Network token generation event! Starting on October 8, 2020, one hundred lucky winners will be eligible to win an allocation spot in the public round, allowing each winner to acquire up to 1 ETH worth of KEX tokens (subject to Terms & Conditions below). Increase your chances of winning by completing ALL actions on The contest will last only one week!

Dates: October 8, 2020 — October 15, 2020

Checking in daily on would give you an extra entry, while writing content on Publish0x about…

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