Enjoy A Weekend Full Of Learning and Fun By Visiting the Zoo

Are you thinking about going out with your family this weekend but you still don’t have any idea where to go? How about bringing your family to the Ontario safari park? Surely, you and your kids will both love watching all the various kinds of animals and enjoy the serene environment in and around the zoo.

One of the local zoos in Canada that is worth visiting is the Papanack Zoo in Wendover, Ontario. Aside from the typical sightseeing activities, there are other thrilling and fun things that you can do at the park.

Night Safari

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to live in the wild at night? Well, why not try to spend a night at the park? The night safari features a special moonlight tour, which opens only on Saturday nights from Labour Day to Thanksgiving. During the tour, you will be able to see lions feasting and hear the wolves’ hair-raising howl. Joining the night safari will also allow you to have a glimpse of the different nocturnal animals while they are enjoying the cool and calm breeze.

Part of the fun is the story-telling session. You will be entertained by exciting and engaging stories provided by your guide while sitting around a campfire and enjoying a cup of soothing hot chocolate drink.

Overnight Camp

Are you fond of camping? How about lifting your camping experience to a higher level? Well, if you are looking for a nice place to enjoy both camping and the wild, try paying a visit to the Papanack Zoo in Ottawa. The park offers a one of a kind camping experience for all ages.

There is nothing more exciting than spending a weekend full of learning and fun and at the same time enjoying the wild side of life. Interesting camping activities includes a guided tour around the zoo, scavenger hunting, campfire, night safari, lion feeding presentation, feeding the barnyard animals, and more.

Junior Zoo Keeper’s Camp

Another educational activity at the Papanack Zoo is the Junior Zoo Keeper’s Camp. This event is specifically designed for young people, 8 years old and above, who are interested in learning more about the wildlife.

If you are curious about what happens behind the scenes at the zoo, this activity is a great opportunity for you to learn and witness the daily life of a zookeeper. Not only that, the Junior Zoo Keeper’s Camp will also educate you more on other important factors like environmental adaptation, feeding, animal behaviour, and conservation.

Special events

Visiting the zoo is a great way of bringing excitement to your family as well as giving them a truly memorable and interactive experience. Apart from that, it is an excellent way to educate and teach your kids about animals, their diversity, and how to take care of them. If you want something unique and more exciting for your kid’s birthday party, visiting the park is a great option as well.