A First Look Inside One Of Chechnya’s Gay Concentration Camps

Reports of suspected homosexuals being detained, beaten and even murdered in Chechnya first surfaced in April. Now footage from inside one of the alleged concentration camps where gay men say they were imprisoned has surfaced.

When investigators went to a disused military headquarters in Argun, one of the purported detention sites, it had been buried in construction debris. But Vice News obtained permission to film inside, speaking with local officials as well as an alleged victim of the anti-gay pogrom.

In the segment, journalist Hind Hassan explains how her crew was met by police and closely escorted throughout their investigation. She is led through what’s described as a “warehouse” by prison warden Ayub Kataev, who is eager to show how the facilities could not possibly have been used to house prisoners.

“Imagine if there are gays. Would we, the Chechens, communicate with them at all?” Kataev asks her. “My officers would not even want to touch such people — if they exist — let alone beating or torturing them.”

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