You’re 1 now! Happy Growing Up!

A while ago, my better half shared a memory on FB captioning it Love You Papa. It must’ve been such a wonderful feeling for the Papa being referred to, I thought. And since he is active on FB, such proclamation is only apt.

While I ❤️’ed her share, guilt pangs hit me hard and made me wonder if Ryan would share a Hate You Papa someday and question me —

Why in the world did you even have an FB account when you neither ever did a a la ‘Love You Son’ post nor did you update “Papa Says” in months.

Lack of answers and a deep-rooted fear of being judged has spurred me into action. So the story goes like this …

A few weeks ago the lad completed a major milestone of sorts — that of turning one!

There was a lot of apprehension about he not being awake at the time of cutting the birthday cake. Plan B was that I’d do the honors. This wouldn’t have been so well received, perhaps. Fortunately, the need for it didn’t arise either.

While he obliged not just by cutting the cake but like a seasoned host he stayed awake till he had seen off the last guest.

And all this while, he ensured that Papa burnt all Red Velvet calories by chasing him across the hall, panting for breath.

Papa says — Happy Birthday, Son!