You deserve better symbols!!

This morning I read about a cool initiative to change the symbols that for many years we have all been associating with people with disabilities (PWDs).

Having met many people with disabilities and working with them to create the the user experiences for two projects, I can tell you without any doubt that they all deserve a really kick-ass icon!

Thats why I really love this concept of “Change the Sign. Change the Attitude”.

I think it makes a lot of sense and also something to think about when selecting the right icons and symbols.

Not only in the social context but also in your product’s experience.

Your icons are probably the first impression the user has of the functionality that they represent or leads to and over time the two will be closely associated. It may be just a small icon change that will make your company’s bill payment functionality feel more safe or your call center representatives perceived as nice and attentive.

Think about how much you spend on your logos and branding!

And back to the social part:

Maybe next time you design or use an icon for another group of people, ask them what they think about it first! After-all they maybe stuck with it for years.

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