Why am I going to the Dad 2.0 Summit?

What will a father from Mexico be focusing on this next few days?

Had very strong doubts about going. Impostor syndrome? Maybe that was it. How can I, having written so many few things, having my oldest child only 4 years old (no expert at fatherhood), living in a country that doesn't take being a father seriously, let alone a father who writes about being more involved and present; want to go spend time and money to an event packed with successful dads? Why?

Last Friday, after dragging my feet and being questioned by my mind hundreds of times about what would I gain by going to Dad 2.0 Summit, mainly thinking it would be a waste of several days being away from my family and a waste of money also; I decided to stop listening to my own stories.

I admit I am still struggling a bit, I don't want to listen but I still have a little devil on my shoulder telling me it was a bad call. This is the kind of trash talk I can still hear (more faintly as the time passes though): Mexico is not the best country to discuss publicly being an intentional father don´t you notice? Can´t you see other fathers in this country are not really willing to read someone else´s take on fatherhood? You haven´t really written or done anything exceptional about being a father, so why are you going? And stuff like, don´t you know brands not catering to fathers for a reason in Mexico? And a lot more negativity in form of questions.

Who cares…

I decided I am going to try to live the Dad 2.0 Summit to the fullest. Below are the most important things I want to focus on. Some are just stuff I will do, others are questions or issues I hope get cleared during this next days in San Antonio:

  • Want to mingle with other like minded fathers to hopefully build relationships that can last for years to come…
  • Hope to talk to bloggers who have been writing and posting stuff on social media for less than a year and already causing a dent. Want to know their struggles, how they are overcoming them and ideas of ways of doing things when just starting…
  • Want to talk with people who have been trying to impact other fathers and the perception of fatherhood in the media and brands for a while now (5, 10 or more years). Mostly to see how they did it and try to get some ideas they used in the beginning of this wave…
  • Want to see how brands are catering to fathers in the US. Why? Don´t really know if it´s so I can convince other brands down here, or if I want to get contacts of the Mexican branches of brands already doing stuff with fathers in the States or if I just want to fill myself up with envy and lament how my country is decades behind hehe…
  • Want to gain confidence in myself so I can start writing personal stuff. One of my big issues right now is that my impostor syndrome kicks in and tells me I am no expert and everything I write (even in social media) has to be heavily backed up by research, thus resulting in a lot of time spent studying things and writing instead of being more prolific with things I am actually doing…
  • Hope to find dads who speak Spanish that are willing to be interviewed (on a later day) for my soon to be launched podcast (yes, finally, after 4 years of failed new years resolutions)…
  • Since so many few people in my country read (apart from FB, Instagram and WhatsApp) A question I have is: Should I focus on writing in English then? If so, should I try to address Hispanic fathers living in the States? Or this just crazy talk.
  • I hope to gather info from the sessions and by talking with people to answer this question: Should I continue writing the book I started almost three years ago so after publishing I have something worth showing?
  • Also: Should I continue resisting video and focus on words and still pictures? Or is resisting YouTube and Instagram Stories with me saying stuff futile in a country like mine and I really need to do it to survive?
  • Want to get the courage and the hope to believe fathers in Mexico might still not know it but are in fact eager to be more engaged in fatherhood and that someone has to start making a bit of noise so others join to be more intentional fathers...

But the most important thing I want to do, as with the process of being an intentional father, is to enjoy the ride. Yes; I want to have a great experience at the Summit, but what will that look like? I don´t really, I just know I will be enjoying every moment and absorbing everything. I want to come back having experienced the Dad 2.0 Summit the most even if I don´t have clarity in any of the points written above…

What do you think?

If you have comments or ideas please share them with me. I am very excited on attending the Dad 2.0 Summit but I am also a bit nervous so anything will be very well received.

I will be driving my Kia (past sponsor Dad 2.0 Summit) for almost 500 miles. How much will it take? It really all depends on how much time asking for the permit to drive more than 55 miles north of the border takes, it can be somewhere around 6 or 7 hours in total.

Link: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Monterrey,+Nuevo+Leon/San+Antonio,+TX,+USA/@27.4740465,-101.3459287,610322m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x86629531b437f8f5:0xa3d3d3ca6ac89894!2m2!1d-100.3161126!2d25.6866142!1m5!1m1!1s0x865c58af04d00eaf:0x856e13b10a016bc!2m2!1d-98.4936282!2d29.4241219

I will document the most I can of both my driving to San Antonio and of what happens at the Dad 2.0 Summit so I can later write about my takeaways and have pictures etc to show on my social media accounts.

By the way here is the link to my Twitter account and here is the link to my Instagram account, I am @Urquidi in both.

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