The Beginning and the First Path

I founded my company in December as a means to pursuit my dream of freedom.

The Beginning

I've been an developer in a "normal" company, with a fixed paycheck, fixed work hours, fixed free hours, fixed focus, fixed hierarchy. Not much space to move around, freely.

Then I've worked as a partner developer with friends of mine that created a quite successful company. We could discuss how much I'd earn, work, when and how. Way more space to move around and probably the best company to work in at my current city. But still not free enough.

So my company would give me way more space to move around, allow me to set the goal and pursue it at my own pace, by my own means. This makes so much sense right now.

The First Path

But there I was at the beginning of this Great Adventure, with a whole world of possibilities before me… this was overwhelming. What would my adventure be about? I couldn't just go for the whole world all at once. It'd be too much! Common sense knows that! I needed a heading, a path to follow, a goal set.

So I happened to see a post promoting my city's event of the Global Game Jam 2016, taking place from Jan 29-31. This was the cue, I gratefully head to game development. Embracing the path of creativity, entertainment, art, story-telling. With the goal of making enough money to survive out of games.

I'll follow this path until another chooses me… Or I go broke! Hopefully not the later.