Peculiar Conversations of Oleander Street

A man in a yellow rain jacket and over-sized top hat found himself meandering down to a creek off of Oleander Street one afternoon after a draining day of supporting customers with only his voice.

He began coming to this place with the intent of breaking away from his daily routine. His wife had told him it would be good for him to get out and clear his mind for a little while. Knowing his deep love for his wife and knowing his need to relieve some stress, the man in the yellow hat did as he was told. Yet, the man thought to himself,

‘having the intent to do something and actually doing it are two vastly different things.’

The man thought more to himself as he found a lofty patch of grass to sit on next to the lapping water that seemed to carry the intent of continuing to flow down the stream;

and so it did.

Now, let me make it clear to you readers that intent is a word around Oleander Street that means, having the motivation or desire to do something in life.

As the man sat there and thought to himself,

with his yellow hat comfortably placed next to a fire ant-pile (little did the man know),

from the corner of his eye appeared a boy wearing nothing but a cloth covering his, for the lack of a better phrase, private areas. The boy looked to be around nine or ten years of age but gave the man a stern look that somehow made him older than the man.

“Your hat is covered in fire ants,” the boy revealed to man.

Standing up abruptly while simultaneously snatching the beloved hat from its near death experience, the man shook off the tiny ants and turned his attention directly towards the boy.

“What are you doing here son? Do your parents let you play over here,” asked the man?

“I live here,” said the boy.

Astonished by the boy’s response and the couple of fire ants that had worked his or her (it’s 2017 people) way from the flaps of the hat to the man’s arm, the man quickly asked,

“What do you mean you live here? How do you survive all by yourself? Don’t you have a family?”

The boy began to look taken aback by all the questions but slowly said to the man in an eloquent tone,

“My intentions are to live and be. Your intentions are to question and wonder. Stop that and you will be free.”