Okay, let me just say…I AM NOT COPYING YOU.

Photo credit: me (:

I hate people who get mad when you both want similar things. Just because you like the color blue first doesn’t mean you get dibs on that color forever and no one else can like that color. Just no. If I want to wear a blue button up shirt I fucking can, because just because I like blue does not mean I’m “copying you” it means I fucking like the color blue. Fuck off. Not everything is about you.

If I decide in having two tattoo sleeves instead of one — but you had also been planning on having two tattoo sleeves, that doesn’t give you the right to get mad at me. It’s not like I’m going to get the exact same tattoos. I have my own designs, that I’m in love with. You don’t have the right to belittle me just because you want a lot of tattoos as well.

Millions of people are going to think the same thoughts as you. Or wear the same outfit, or have the same hairstyle. It doesn’t make you any less unique, or whole. But when you start trying to control or dictate what other people do, you’ve gone too far.

No one is trying to steal your spotlight. If wearing blue makes them feel good, let them wear blue. If having tattoos is their way of expressing themselves or feeling more confident, let them.

Stop pretending like you have the right to be the only person in the world who likes the color blue.

This world is big enough to share.

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