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What Xerox is to photocopies, Salesforce is to Customer Relationship Management, or CRM as it’s widely known. When a brand becomes synonymous with its product category, it becomes evident that it’s doing something exceptional.

Today, one cannot imagine a workspace without Salesforce. From managing data and nurturing leads to enabling effective customer service and introducing automation to the otherwise tiring manual activities, Salesforce is the elixir to the modern-day sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

What happens when you combine an already robust platform with another equally robust platform? …

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Content Experience_Paperflite

Harry Potter isn’t going to wake up from his room under the stairs and realize it was all a dream, JUST because you watched the movie in your living room instead of a theatre.

And the hare isn’t going to magically win the race if the story was to be narrated in a campfire night instead of the nursery.

Why then, do we prefer one way of consuming content over the other?

The way you experience them — be it watching a movie in a theatre, listening to stories in a campfire, or grooving to popular songs at a packed concert — is everything that makes the difference. …

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In the first part of our Sales Enablement series, we explored how the different players in the buyer’s journey are interconnected and delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience is critical for their success.

In this second part, we will understand the reasons why enterprises are missing out on different opportunities due to the widening gap between marketing and sales technologies.

Marketing, Sales, and Buyer Alignment — What Are The Missed Opportunities?

Today, buyers consume an average of 5–6 assets per sales rep in each stage of the buyer’s journey. …



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