Fedrigoni & Savile Row / Tweed

In the year 1888, the paper company “Fedrigoni” was established in Verona, Italy. The city “Verona” also known as the background city of “Romeo & Juliette”. In 1938, the company been affected by World War II, but revived in 1945. Let hundred years of Italy paper making tradition continued.

“Pulp Magazine” an international Journal published by Fedrigoni. The package and appendix of current issue use “Savile Row” series paper. You could found the romantic and elegant of Italy. “Savile Row” is one of the remarkable art paper Fedrigoni made.

“Tweed” is one of the art paper in “Savile Row”. Tweed originally means a kind of woollen fabric, with color effects in the yarn, and made to withstand harsh climate. Many countries now have their own knowhow of making tweed, the traditional fabric that is practical and with good performance.

However, “Tweed” is still embossed paper, but Fedrigoni successfully use the embossing technique to reproduce the feeling of weaving on paper.

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