Throughout this past week leading up to the #NBADraftLottery, Orlando Magic fans voted on their favorite potential draft choices for the Magic to take based on each lottery possibility tonight.

The Official Magic Twitter BIG BOARD:

1. Markelle Fultz
2. Josh Jackson
3. Lonzo Ball
4. Jayson Tatum
5. De’Aaron Fox
6. Dennis Smith
7. Malik Monk
8. Jonathan Isaac
9. Frank Ntilikina
10. Lauri Markkanen

Prettyyy, prettyyy, pretty good list, Magic fans.

Things I’m Feelin-

  • Josh Jackson at 2 over Lonzo Ball. As one of the few remaining tenants of the #Floptop💂🏾 penthouse, JJ over Lonzo seem like a perfect fit for this new-look small-ball club looking to escape the lottery by next year. A lineup featuring Elfrid-Evan-JJ-AG-Vuc with T-Ross, Paper Mario, Biz, and Free Agent X would if nothing else be excitingly competitive by next season.
  • Fultz at 1; I mean, duh.
  • Tatum at 4 over Fox, JIsaac, Monk, and Dennis. For the current Magic roster, Tatum slides nicely into the three in the starting unit while theoretically replacing Tobias from years past.

Things I’m Not Feelin-

  • Malik Monk falling to 7. As the best shooter in the draft, my man Monk simply needs to be higher on this list. For the sake of keeping the Magic core together, (Elfrid, Mario, Aaron & Vuc), Monk fits in nicely as an undersized-2 who can share time at the 1 with Elf. Monk falls somewhere between C.J. McCollum and Jamal Murray potential-wise, which excites me way more than it should for an NBA Draft Lottery thing I’m not feelin. Move Monk up to 5.
  • De’Aaron Fox, Lonzo Ball, Dennis Smith, and Frank Ntilikina are dope. All four of these point guard prospects look to have phenomenal upside, and, depending on where the Magic’s pick lands, Orlando should absolutely consider all of them for the selection. That being said, the Magic already have a “franchise” point guard who can’t shoot. Yes, all of these guys may have more potential than Elfrid, but if any other prospect mentioned is available(besides Markkanen lol), Orlando should consider taking a flyer on him if not trading down for additional assets. None of these four point guards seem to be much more of a potential franchise savior than Markelle Fultz, Josh Jackson, Jayson Tatum, Malik Monk, or Jonathan Isaac look to be. So if they all have the same ceiling, why not take a chance on a guy that could fit in long-term with the young core we’ve been building in-house for the past half-decade vs the usual strategy of simply taking the best prospect available. The point is, between these nine or ten guys, it’s really hard to discern who’s got the most potential to become a top-ten player in the NBA. If we’re going to throw all our chips in the lottery, let’s go all in on a 6'9" wing or a high-percentage 3pt-threat of a guard who fits in with our current core group and where today’s style of game is trending anyway.

May the fidget spinner be with us all tonight, Magic fans.

As always,

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