Ten Poems to Reread

I’ve been digging the below poems and rereading them on my commute between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Get in on it:

1. ‘Heartland,’ by Dylan Lewis over at Powder Keg

2. ‘In A Simplified Language, Tell Me About The Weight Of Sounds’ by Grace Shuyi Liew over at Banango Street

3. ‘It Must Be Summer the Way People are Drowning,’ by Jamie Mortara over at Reality Hands

4. ‘Unless Someone Reaches out & Touches Him, by Raymond Farr over at Bodega Mag

5. ‘Dear Phillis Wheatley’ by Fatimah Asghar over at Pinwheel

6. ‘Dreams’ by Clair Dunlap over at Souvenir Journal

7. ‘Let’s Say the Rain,’ by Oscar Brady over at Rattle

8. ‘Shadowboxing’ by Ruth Madievsky over at Tupelo Quarterly

9. In want of an image’ by Josh English over at Phantom

10. ‘Near, At’ by Jennifer Soong over at H_NGM_N