5 Killer Tips on Planning and Writing a Term Paper

Writing a term paper could be a daunting experience for new and experienced students alike. Almost all of us have to write a paper in the tenure of our academic career, whether we like it or not. Since it has been made compulsory for the students across the globe, we don’t have much of a choice to let it go.

Time is valuable indeed, students often find themselves in a miserable situation when the assignment which they were supposed to write in 8 weeks is due on coming Monday afternoon. “Where did the time go” is the most depressing element they have to face in dealing with the crises situation. When this situation occurs, students rush their research and start writing furiously. Their lack of research is reflected in their term paper making it appear haphazardly written.

Planning is the key ingredient to securing your research. Valuable arguments are presented in an organized manner and their evidence is provided based on either personal opinion or through other credible sources. So when you are writing your research, just make sure to cite sources properly and never plagiarize your work. Few killer tips on planning and writing a term paper are:

Getting Started

An ideal research is conducted within a span of 8 weeks in which any student is able to develop a proper understanding of the subject matter. Understanding the assignment is as important as any other thing, a student would be able to produce a quality content only when a student is able to comprehend the area of the research.

Choose the Topic Wisely

Thoroughly research the topics in hand and have that topic approved by your instructor which you find yourself comfortable dealing with. There are infinite pieces of information available from many sources such as reference books, newspaper, articles, journals, documentaries etc. You are always welcomed by the instructors if you need any further clarification on the topic.

Writing a Thesis Statement

Once you have developed a firm grasp on the subject matter, then you are supposed to write a thesis statement which comprises of one or two sentences explaining the central points of your research paper, what you will cover in your research and how it will get there. Effective planning right in the beginning would help you throughout writing your term paper.

Cite Sources Information

Keep a track record of the helping material you have used in your research and make extensive notes on your source’s information such as authors, publishers, date, and mentioning about the university that has conducted the research if needed acknowledgment. Without citations and reference list at the end of the document, the research appears to be plagiarized.

Set a Date to Write Final Draft and Final Edits

A brief introduction after establishing the thesis statement would outline what your research is about and what it would cover. Initial drafts are crucial, set a date to writing them without any delays/gaps, as things written in one go seems more meaningful. Finally set a date for editing the final draft, ideally, few days prior to submission would do.

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