Effective Time Management Guide for Dissertation Writing

For university students, time management is essential. University life has its own challenges and lifestyle. Many activities distract a student from their academic goals. It becomes more important to manage time during dissertation writing. Students can improve their study schedule as to make the most of their limited time for completing their task by following these tips. Apart from the focus on writing, the tips will help you decide the best methods for time management that suits your entire academia.

Planning Ahead for Your Activities

Dissertation writing is the most important part of an academic journey for any student. It is important for students to allocate sufficient time to the task. Take a calendar and take prints of the important deadlines along with the submission dates. Cut the details out and paste them on the calendar with respect to their date. Prioritize your work and make changes to the calendar when needed. Consult your teachers and instructors before developing and changing your plan.

Schedule your Task on a Daily to Weekly Basis

Continue working on your dissertation for the hours specified for it. Spend at least two hours per day on your writing excluding other activities. The more appropriate method is to dedicate one or two full days in a week to your dissertation. You can do so by working on your task on weekends. Having a fixed schedule will reduce procrastination making you more productive.

Creating Worksheets for Prioritizing Tasks

As a student, you need to properly map out your entire weekly schedule on a paper, include days of the week across the top of your paper. On the vertical side of the paper, make a list of hours you spend being awake. Separate this information with a grid by drawing lines in such a way that cells are present for each hour in a day. Next, figure out the most important dissertation tasks related to your work. For example, data collection is a task that requires more time. It must have the highest priority and more time on your dissertation worksheet. You can prioritize your work by Chapter drafts with low-priority and high-priority tasks. For example, data collection must be a high priority task while maintaining bibliography should be a low priority task.

Maintain a Dissertation Journal

Keeping journals to keep track of the progress in your dissertation writing or data collection will provide you with an overview of your research work. You may make entries into your journal on a daily or weekly basis. It would come in handy during stressful days when you have too many assignments and presentations pending. It is a good approach to maintain your dissertation goals and objectives for each chapter.

Reduce Using your Personal Electronic Devices

This is one of the most important factors to consider when arranging a schedule for your writing task. Mobile phones and similar devices are the biggest distractions for a student. These devices are counterproductive, as people tend to spend long hours browsing on their devices. Limiting your time on social media platforms will give you more time for polishing your dissertation writing. Use a manual calendar with markers and highlighters to remember important dates instead of relying on your phone calendar.