Interesting Topics for College Admission Essays

Admission essays are a reflective piece of writing that portrays the writer’s imagination and creative capabilities. Some colleges ask students to hand in college admission essays as a mandatory requirement for processing their admissions applications. In this regard, choosing a topic for your admission essay needs to be carefully selected. It is a powerful tool which may influence the reader, who is the admission officer, to accept your admission request. It may also highlight your writing skills and provide acceptable proof of your English proficiency.

For your college admission essay, choosing a topic may involve pondering over many ideas such as experiences, events, incidents with people or objects of interest. In selecting your topic, it’s a good idea to choose something that you hold close to the heart. Emotions are able to help you express yourself better by the pen. For example, if you remember a trip to Disneyland. You had enjoyed it, made friends while there, and you feel to visit again soon then writing about that event may be a good idea if you can pen down the emotions you felt or still feel. Choose a topic that has affected you in the best possible way. Anything positive will do for the essay as long as you may be able to express yourself clearly and concisely.

A regular essay would contain three sections. The starting, the middle and the end. These sections exploit the topic and render different views about it and conclude with a supposition. The starting mainly deals with the selection of the topic and how it has made an impact on you. It is a brief description of the topic and what compelled you to select it for your essay. It is limited to just an introduction. The middle part is the actual argument. It is where many perspectives are laid out and presented to the reader. Research and study relevant to the topic are quoted and backed up to support your argument. The basic idea of the middle section is to provide valid and sensible knowledge in order to sway the reader and be sympathetic to your cause, depending on where you stand on the topic. The last section of your college admission essay is the ending. This part is ideal to place your conclusion and draw the reader’s attention to a rational and educated decision.

The whole essay must be written in a polite tone with excellent grammar and use of vocabulary.