She thought of it….

She was all ready. Packed her things. Eagerly awaiting the taxi. She couldn’t get to control her excited emotions, although she kept her lips a little relaxed with a pleasant smile.

In a matter of 10 hours she would be meeting her friend, No! Ex-lover, No! a crush, No! well she didn’t have a tag to define, but she knew she had feelings for him and so did he. This moment took her back to a memory where they pretended to be like college kids, going around a small town in Scotland called Dunbar. It was in the evening of the autumn, everyone in the town were going back home after a long day of work while she remembers his lips being sealed onto hers. They kissed passionately, the town’s buzz didn’t bother them, the only thing mattered was spending time together.

As she was revisiting this memory, she arrived at the airport; shaken that the reality that is about to happen. She follows the due procedure at the airport before she boards onto the plane. Fiddling with her passport and the boarding pass, she knows she is about to un-discover her younger self.

They say it is only when you meet someone so close to you in your younger age, you tend to become like the younger you again. Perhaps this brings a whole spectrum of memories making you feel those times again.

As the flight takes off, she covers herself with a warm jacket and starts to sink into her memories filled with him. This time, she thinks of the first time they made love. She had jitters all over her body, wonders why didn’t their relationship end up where it should have been.

She had no answer, she knew it was solely her idea of discontinuing the relationship, because she was afraid she would fall in love with him. This time she doesn’t deny but agrees with a rather nothing but its too late phase. This is not what she thought of this trip, she was hoping to meet him, spend some time with him, catch up on the half a decade of missed occasions and indeed was hoping for a warm hug in the autumn in Scotland.

She thought of it, again and again, was there something she could have changed? she could only blame her but nonetheless. She thought of it, wondering how to face him, for he did not hold back him when they met.

She arrived in Edinburgh, waiting to get her bags before she could rush to the exit gates, where he would be waiting for her, with a little older than time but it didn’t matter. As she exited the gates, she caught a first glimpse of him, those eyes she recollects and a well groomed man was in front of her. She thought to herself, this is the moment she had dreamt of, waiting for all these years and she wasn’t letting it go for nothing.

She hugs him, he’s excited to have her in his arms. Both exchange looks, containing thrill, agony of not being there for each other and love; all at a same time. They continued their journey from there, knowing no destination. It was all because she thought of it when she thought of him!

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