That Ancient Sight

Walking on the paddy fields on a sunny morning, I am consumed by my own haunting thoughts. I ignore the blissful rays of the scorching sun making every step count as though I could feel the beat of my own heart. I could vividly make out what was it to be walking on the paddy fields although I wasn’t paying any attention. At the farthest, I sense someone standing, yet ignoring to the intuition, I could feel the mild breeze, and that’s why I’m probably layered with a snood around my neck, none of this mattered, as I find myself approaching to that someone looking invigorating and drawing me towards.

Not knowing the purpose of this walk, I think to myself if only I could just run through the paddy fields, not allowing an inch of sun’s ray out of my sight I wouldn’t be bothered about any spirits around. Rather, dancing and whining away at my own footsteps to the beats is all I wanted. At the farthest I hear some sound of bells and they rage and call me as I hear the sound of sweet invitation. I was trying hard to ignore and not showing any signs of reverence. I could hear the bells again, this time calling my name coherently.

As I step into the temple like appearance, I see the bells, so huge, so beautiful on its own rusted metal, although it had it’s own unique art to offer. I have quite never seen anything like this, neither close to it except in my dreams. I kept looking at them as long as I could hold my sight, but something pulled me away for a moment, it was the chill breeze again, paddling me to a corner of the rusted bells. I slowly make a move to touch them,with all the braveness I had to show, as if touching them depended on my life or death situation.

My eyes closed, as I feel those rusted bells I am taken into thoughts that seem like memories. I can barely feel what’s going on around me, for I feel a small hand rubbing my shoulders. I break into silence hoping to hear someone speak, but that touch was a calling to look behind those huge bells. I take one step at a time trying to get words out of my mouth, this time my heart beats faster and I can feel it. As I get around the bells I find a man who’s half awake with torn clothes, body rusted in years of dirt and hair messed.

I shrug the same way I did while touching those bells, but this time I was bound to get a response or become responsible for talking to a man who’s probably been isolated for years. I wake him up, his hands moves, body trembles as the wind blows heavily, creating a noise with dried leaves in and around the temple, my gut feeling tells me to run away, instead with hands covering my eyes I wait to see the outcome.

Underneath was a face divine like, at peace, at harmony all at once, while giving away sounds of those bells. That ancient sight left me perplexed in void. A feeling of emptiness that could now be filled with all those things that I always wanted to but never could achieve because……

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