Good old days- Nostalgic moments to think on!

So how was the weekend? what all things you people did?Let me share you about my weekend, It was nothing that great…Same old things I did which I am doing since I am in Pune(roughly 10 yrs) i.e. Hanging out with Friends, having night outs with them…But yesterday one small thing push me to think about something which I haven’t done since yrs…Which I have been missing from my life but haven’t realize it.

Yesterday One of my friend showed me a channel in YouTube named “Emotionalfulls”..its a team of small amount of people involved in making videos with different messages touching different nodes of life in an emotional way where small punches and small small humorous dialogue act as icing om the cake.

The videos took me in my old days and pushed my thoughts about my old life which I left behind and which I was used to enjoy like anything. Suddenly in my thoughts I started roaming to the old field where I used to play cricket, the uncle’s shop who used to give me free toffees, the well where i used meet my gang, I started recalling my land line no. where I used to receive calls for my neighbors more than of our calls.

I remembered when there was not more than one channel in the TV, Suddenly it clicked me that there was a time when there was no daily soaps by Ekta kapoor(No offense to her) but the few shows which I never used to miss like Shaktiman, Krishna, Mahabharata, Chandrakanta and many more..where we used to have only one option of channel and where color TV means covering the black and white TV with the colorful sheet.

Still remember the days where tension means non completion of homework, completing the syllabus during the exam time, covering the notebook with brown sheet before the start of new session, missing the colony cricket match…where partition means drawing a line on the desk which can be erased easily with one smile of the other person from the other side of boundary, where proof of friendship is dependent on FLAME, where love means to write a love letter and a smile means the acceptance, where courage means giving friends’ love letter to the right person and where our besties cannot share the chocolate with anyone else because it was just our right, where jealousy comes when our buddy sits with someone else in the school bus.

Why we need an occasion to appreciate our parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, lovers. Why we always need a reason to remember the most beautiful person in our life. Its not about thanking anyone, but its about making them feel our presence around them. I am sure presence of each and everyone in our life impacted us in some manner…its time to cherish the memories and creating more wonderful memories.

:-)…Keep smiling!! And to visit the good old days visit the channel

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