All the lessons we learnt along the way.

Back in 2013, Sébastien, my brother Romain and I decided to launch a coding school to teach creative and entrepreneurially-minded people how to code their own tech products through an intensive 9-week bootcamp. At that time, none of us had real design or branding skills. My brother was a lawyer. Sébastien and I were both engineers (French engineers, aka the worst kind in terms of design background 😬).

We only knew one thing: we wanted to build a program to teach people the technical skills and tools to bring their ideas to life. This program would go far beyond “becoming…

Forget hype, FOMO or rewards and ask yourself the right questions.

Students learning to code at Le Wagon

Devenez Product Manager en 4 semaines, par la pratique.

Travailler sur un produit technologique demande de bien comprendre le “cycle de vie d’un produit” et tous les métiers impliqués dans ce cycle: UX/UI designer, backend developer, frontend developer…

Le product manager est le chef d’orchestre du cycle produit. Bien sûr, il doit être social, à l’écoute, organisé, faire preuve de bon sens et être une source d’inspiration pour les équipes techniques en injectant un sens business.

Mais il doit aussi comprendre en détail les différents métiers techniques du produit s’il veut être crédible et respecté. Il doit savoir si une fonctionnalité est techniquement faisable, être capable de sortir lui-même…

How to disrupt traditional universities and apply rapid iteration to build the best tech curriculum.

The traditional education system hasn’t found the recipe yet to teach technology properly. In fact, what universities offer to students strongly differs from what the industry is looking for, especially in high moving fields like web development.

While traditional schools struggle to re-invent themselves on these new topics, the tech education market is booming. Hundreds of tutorials and resources are posted on edX, Coursera, Codecademy, Treehouse, Udemy, Lynda, etc… Udacity is partnering with big companies like Google and Facebook to build joint “nano-degrees”. Actors like General Assembly are raising millions to become global players of the on-site tech education. The…

Insights from building Le Wagon’s design curriculum

By Boris Paillard, CEO at Le Wagon

Le Wagon’s students in Amsterdam

After having trained 500+ amazing students at Le Wagon, our Paris-based coding bootcamp, I’ve decided to gather my thoughts on how code changes your way of thinking and makes you a better entrepreneur.

By Boris Paillard, CEO at Le Wagon

Students working in Le Wagon Paris HQ

Boris Paillard

CEO at Le Wagon. Bringing tech skills to creative people and entrepreneurs.

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