What If

An Exploration of our Beliefs

What if

our Existence

depends upon

our Beliefs

our Stories

which we are told

which we tell ourselves

which we tell the world?

What if

we change these stories?

How does it affect us

our conception of self

our roles

our identification with Life and the Cosmos?

Take for instance:


What if

we try an experiment?

What if

we allow Purpose

to enter into the equation of being?

I don’t mean in an abstract theoretical level

I mean now

I mean relax

close your eyes

let your mind still

feel life pulsating inside you

and with that next breath


and identify

that undying voice of despair

with each utterance

lies a condemnation

a critique

of us and our place here

a tireless reminder

that we are just

separate, disconnected, disjointed


glued together by the thread of chance

inhabiting this world

that should be

without us, The Great Mistake

And despite all our efforts of goodwill

at our core

we are just parasites, a cancer pervading the pristine

And with each lingering echo, this shadowy figure

places yet another brick atop our wall

of apathetic remorse.


step forward


graciously thank him

for all his hard work

he has been an integral character

in our construction

in humanity’s construction

but his services are no longer needed

We hold the pen

we wrote him into being

we fed him into maturity

but now

it’s time

to let him go

Evolution is a storming tidal wave

flaming in our bellies,

on fire with the answer,

so listen up and let Her lead us forward

So with that next exhale

feel the bricks start to crumble

and melt down to our feet,

And as we step over the rubble of our past selves,

let us open our eyes to a shimmering horizon

that is a blanket of infinity whispering in our ear:

“I am both the reason and the cause

giver and receiver

I am as much you

as you are I

as I am Purpose

you are Purpose


in our creation

we dance”

Maybe this is all just a delusion


What if

we are lying on our deathbed

and we just let go?

Let go of resistance

toward this moment

toward the hope for another past

let us forgive ourselves

as we sink

deeper and deeper

the water is so clear

every connection, every face a mirror image of our own

each vibration

a wave

thrusting us ashore

to this very moment

which we hold as a seed

in the palm of our outstretched hand

as the universe flowers into being

What if

we don’t wait til’ we’re on our deathbed?

What if

we wake up to this dream right now?

I mean

I don’t know

I mean

I really really don’t know


What if?

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