Paple- Introducing the utmost primary solution to the Agriculture, Dairy industry, and Organic Farm.

Sep 26, 2018 · 2 min read
Paple- Introducing the utmost primary solution to the Agriculture, Dairy industry, and Organic Farm.

The Paple Platform & Token system give rise to a robust connectivity in the organic food, dairy sectors and agricultural. Paple offers a marketplace that provides users with unimaginable connectivity and modernization in all facets of these markets is the main tenant of Paple; its’s system will benefit that everyone is involved.

SOLUTIONS part-two offered by Paple Token are listed below:

• BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY BEHIND FARMER’S GROWTH: In our platform where farmers, manufacturers, and retailers are connected together, they can give direct contracts to the farmers to produce organic foods for them, i.e. pre-orders.

• PANEL OF EXPERTS TO RATE THE WHOLE PRODUCT: Our administration system is intended to ensure all products obtained on the platform are examined for quality, The Paple Platform will have a board of experts from all the sectors of the Agriculture, organic food, and dairy product food chain process. The committee will give each product a rating from One to Five Stars, based on a number of factors.

• ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT OF THE FARM: By performing environmental management methods, Paple guide farmes how they can use new technology to obtain excellent competence. Paple will introduce cost-efficiency measures like cutting down on water usage at farms, implementing methods in treating and disposing of the cattle manure, and other waste by-products from farms.

• HUMANE TREATMENT OF ANIMALS: Our charts and metric data present a remarkable level of analytics that permits the optimization of supply and demand. By trailing the requirements of suppliers and the inventory levels of the farmers, we can efficiently direct Paple community members to the correct place, customized to their requirements.

• CHARTS AND METRIC DATA/ANALYTICS FOR USERS: The Paple Token system was developed, from the ground up, by a dedicated team of developers, Blockchain and Smart Contract specialists, and Organic Food Industry veterans.

Our team is intimately united with the Organic Food Farming Industry, Agriculture Technology, Training Centers, and Dairy Farms.

Paple- Solutions are not only dedicated to farmers and suppliers but have also worked In the favor of Consumers.

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