Paple- Proposing the most essential solution to the Organic Farm and Dairy industry.

Sep 24, 2018 · 2 min read

“PAPLE is dedicated in advancing society; thereby, the accountability is not just being farmers and suppliers that get into our market, but to the customers that buy and consume all these foodstuffs as well. The nation deserves a higher level of liability in their food sourcing, a more endurable and eco-friendly method of harvesting food, and a safer meal at the end of the day”

SOLUTIONS part-one offered by Paple Token are listed below:

• SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: Supply chain management is each one of the superior potential ranges for performing a traceability system, in regards to Blockchain technology that can entirely be backing a traceability system, as it can reserve or stock the history of every single business deal ever built, down to the characteristics of the source of the product.

• BLOCKCHAIN MARKETPLACE: An e-commerce platform is a software application that permits real-time or online trades to handle their website, operation, and sales.

• HEALTH IMPACT ON CONSUMER: PAPLE is focused on the enhancement of the society. This further includes the responsibility to provide a better product to the end users and not only looking after the farming & supplying and taking access to the market. We also deem that each and every one on earth deserves a better level of food and its source. We carry the most sustainable and environmentally -friendly way of harvesting food and a safer meal.

• REDUCE THE COST: Accept as truth or not, consuming organic food does not have to be too pricey. With progressively increasing PALPLE awareness and enablement to farmers, organic food production will be more effortlessly reachable than ever before and buyer demands will lead to improved affordability

• HELPING FARMERS IN PROCESS OF LENDING: PAPLE will help farmers, minor and middle institutions throughout the globe, in the procedures of loaning credit for whoever is engrossed in the Organic farming and Dairy farming Industry, so that they can be entailed in developing high qualitative organic food. PAPLE will sanction leisurely sales of farming machinery involving farmers and other sources.

Paple- Solutions are not just for the farmers and suppliers but also for the Consumers.

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