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First, what do we mean by autoimmunity in autoimmune disease?
A process in which the body’s immune system causes disease mistakenly attack healthy cells, organs or tissues in the body that is essential for good health. Mistakenly attacks its own immune system destroys the tissues of your body that believes foreign.

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Some of the main autoimmune diseases are;
Chronic active hepatitis disease, antiphospholipid syndrome, Addison, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome, dermatomyositis (type I) diabetes, discoid lupus, multiple sclerosis, pemphigoid, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and Fibromyositis fibromyalgia.
There are many others.
50 million Americans are estimated to suffer from symptoms — everything from fatigue to joint pain to depression, numb hands and feet, heart palpitations — signs that the immune system has turned on itself same .
Many people are seeking treatments to reverse autoimmune disease that works. You need to understand what caused his body to face first. If your answer to these questions that your body can reverse the symptoms.
We are all familiar with the long-term immunity as AIDS a disease that directly attacks the immune system has become so important. To really understand the word, which means, in essence, resistance to diseases. In general, there is talk of an infectious disease, and immunity comes through exposing your body to the disease. If you have mumps as a child, you know that we are not sensitive to a second episode of mumps because your body builds up immunity to the disease.
Also, you gain immunity by artificial means such as immunization or vaccination. Originally immunity was seen as a way to fend off diseases of the body. One of the basic concepts of immunity in the early days of the twentieth century was that if immunity will benefit us, must point to something strange, something outside the body. It has always been the understanding of the immune response that immunologists concerns that bacteria, viruses and foreign.
Your body can tell what is in itself what is not himself. But something went wrong, as we have seen a dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases over the last 20 years. Your own immune system attacks itself; their immune response attacks the host body.
Autoimmune disease is a disorder that occurs due to autoimmunity — a disease which is caused by an immune response against patient’s body itself. Currently there are over 80 autoimmune diseases.
Why and how autoimmunity arises in the body of some people?
What causes your body to produce an immune response to itself?
Many people in this world do not have these autoimmune diseases; Therefore, we know that the body normally distinguishes himself from the not-myself. Each of us has a certain degree of autoimmunity, of course, and does not seem to harm us, unless something has gone or going bad.
To help us understand that all these diverse autoimmune diseases are at their location in the human body and organ systems that affect related, since they are all caused by autoimmunity.
Once diagnosed, while doctors can prescribe painkillers, hormones or immunosuppressants to treat the symptoms, but when a patient asks about the cause, the consequences on the long and healthy life, or how to cure such conditions doctors just shrug shoulders and say they have no answers.

So the question, causing autoimmunity?
We really have to understand the root causes of this major problem leading to autoimmune diseases such conditions. If we understand what the cause or root causes of this devastating problem, then we can overcome it and restore health and vitality.
Rich and thriving culture of America has resulted in a substantial decrease in the nutritional content of foods.
In the last 60 years, increasing chemicals in the environment by the industrial revolution, the use of insecticides and preservatives, hormones and steroids induced in our meat and food, the increase in fast food and junk food in our diet combined with a lack of proper soil management, has left us with contaminated food and lacking the necessary basic life nutrient retention.
We are literally starving for nutrients that our body needs to be seen to maintain health in Western cultures combined with high levels of hundreds of chemicals a stressful lifestyle and lack of regular exercise adequate are the main factors contribute to autoimmunity.
Current allopathic “medicine” do not know the cause or the successful treatment of most autoimmune diseases, but if you look at the root causes of these conditions and know how to tackle and stop the autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease merely our cellular communication function and optimization rejuvenation is terminated by the complete operation then the optimum and healthy immune system.
In other words people with autoimmune diseases have been reported deficient cells and the immune system. All conditions of the disease are ultimately the result of a lack of communication from cell to cell at some level. All diseases have an immune component and / or glandular. Cell to cell communication is the essential key to homeostasis (balance of health) and immune system function.
To provide essential nutrients missing from your diet in your daily diet can provide health lost due to the immunity of the car. In 1996, it was discovered that are not essential nutrients for health, which are nontoxic, do not interfere with the body, such as medications and functions make these bodies can recognize, protect, nourish, regulate, repair and clean themselves. Each chronic degenerative disease responds very positively, often to the elimination of all symptoms. Nutrients are made of natural food and work in harmony with prescription drugs and are not intended to take the place of medical treatment. They are a complement to our modern medicine, not an alternative. The word is slowly spreading among the medical community that help is there. There is always time for a new discovery of any kind to be accepted, but the time will come when this information is common knowledge.
Inside your body there is a amazing protection mechanism called the immune system. We do not realize that when it works as it should, but only when we realize it is not. Its complex immune system consists of many components, cells and systems work together to serve and protect their health and welfare.
To work effectively each of these groups of cells and systems must have the structure and the proper functioning when the body is overloaded with chemicals, stress, toxins, overuse of antibiotics and nutritional deficiencies of your body it becomes vulnerable to microbes, bacteria, and loses the ability to function properly. As discussed above, the result of an autoimmune disease is your body begins to attack and ends with a dysfunctional immune system miscommunicated.

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott

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