Are Staycations a Waste of Money?

Even if it is not a huge place (Puerto Rico is about 3500 square miles), it really makes a difference when you drive down several hours from the mountains where I grew up to the west coast in Boqueron for a week long vacation. It is not a waste and you have a good time. We used to do it every year while growing up.

In the case of the U. S. A. it would be if you would vacation in your own state being that the country itself is quite huge (5 hours plane trip from the East Coast to West Coast kind of huge). However, even like that a trip to Cape May from Central Jersey, being New Jersey not a huge state, is still about a 3 hours drive which is not exactly near, but the difference in both places makes it for an interesting change of scenery. So it does not feel like you are staying in the same place as you always live. That’s why our way to say staycation is rather different.

Here in my neck of the woods, the term for staycation is to vacation at home in which you stay in your house. That became in vogue that year in which gasoline crept up over the 4 dollars a gallon mark and everybody freaked out and stayed home. You had the stores selling items for staycation, I remember seeing staycation headquarters all over the place.

So, when you stay home, well yes, you get a lot of chores and honey do list items crossed off. However there is still a lot opportunities to do fun things by doing it. You now have the opportunity to see or do things that you normally do not do when you are in the middle of your daily routine. That could mean spending more time with your children or seeing places that place that you always wanted to see but never had the chance to do that. You do save a lot of money because you do not have to spend money in travel logistics.

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