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giovinezza was a song of 90 years ago . . . .

we must thnk about problem which are very heavy.

If americans (and my italians militar brothers) go home is better. If we stay home from 11/09 we save perhaps 1 millions of dead. thanks to american war criminals (bush, clinton and “nobel price for peace” the discolored obama )(the dark paladin of kkk !!!) (We well know what militar-economic-industrial complex did, doing and will do…..) American must stop his nazi media propaganda and stop several false flag operations, we well know from decades, also from ww2 and from vietnam flase flag tonchino game.

media tell us which bashar assad is a criminal, as they tell us of hitler-ghaddafi (the great equilibrium of middle east was stable only thanks to ghaddafi, but they attack libya (as hitler and stalin did with poland in 1939- the same thing, only Hitler had millions of germans in danger…. which doesn’t in libya for americans or english, francais or italians……) and kill stability in all middle east (ever to help israel to take earth to the right masters).

israel possessed atomic bombs from decades, but Usa make media attack this succed only to iran or north corea. remember? It does not adhere to any treaty on nuclear power, effectively becoming a intolerable threat for the whole world.

We sat on mount rainier, and although we know that threatens both our health we continue to live on the slopes of a murder volcano !!!

you know? you have an idea of the danger?

I only hope for trump intelligence, which clinton don’t had, clinton declare war before elections, even What means of threatening a war on the world (at the world).

“giovinezza” was a beautiful song, of freedom and hope, but you, if americans, you can’t understand which it means. you have no idea what was (and means) singing “giovinezza” 80/90 years ago. Do you have an idea what was fascism?

sure not, fascism was the better reply to communism in 1919, and what was fascism in Italy e for the italians. was a reborn, and in 1929 after one of your several disasters . . . . . as in 2001 with several aggressions to sovereign countries (twin towers was , together to 7/12/1941, another of your several disasters, from your governors, it’s clear from years).

america must go home and hope the world don’t return what america give to all around world. golpe, scandals, murderers (also to your presidents as the kennedy brothers, or many times with other american presidents), in Italy ever we have a president murdered…. EVER!!!!

this thing tell us something.

please sing another song, you cannot speak of what you don’t know. it’s very offensive.

and… remember, who seeds wind shall collects storm

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